With various programs and activities the CENTERKONTURA Company has been operating in the Slovenian market since 1996. It was established as a company for consulting, social development, vocational and professional training and publishing. Initial activities included mainly human resources, entrepreneurial and business consulting. In 1999 the company widened its specialization by also developing an employment agency and consultancy for vocational training and employment placement of persons with lesser employment opportunities and those with special needs.

Since 1998 the company has been active in the field of vocational and professional rehabilitation for persons with lesser employment opportunities and those with special needs. In 1999 the company specialised as the agency for employing and consulting in the field of employing rehabilitation for persons with lesser employment opportunities and those with special needs. The license for performing services of employing rehabilitation and the license for work in the welfare field it acquired
in 2006. The status of a research organization was acquired in 2007.

The CENTERKONTURA Company has built a team of highly qualified experts with valuable experience in the field of business and human resource management consultancy, employment mediation and vocational training. In line with the company’s range of programs the CENTERKONTURA Company team brings together professionals of different expertise – socials workers, adult education specialists, lawyers, organization and administration management specialists, psychologists, work therapists, and economists. All employees engaged in the field of HRM have obtained the legally required certificate to practice in this field.
In cases where more specific expertise is needed we also engage external prominent and experienced experts.

The CENTERKONTURA Company has built a strong pool of references in the various fields it is active in. The company is particularly renowned for its activities in employment placement and vocational training of persons with special needs, persons with lesser employment opportunities. We have acquired valuable experience also in designing solutions for employment and vocational training of redundant employees and the planning of their professional careers. We have actively participated in the foundation as well as operation of the entrepreneurial Labour Fund for the corporate group Litostroj and the execution of programs of the present regional Labour Fund of Ljubljana. As a partner the CENTERKONTURA Company participated at the project SIPA – the system of help at home for households with young children within the Developmental Partnership SIPA, the Association SIPA Initiative in the Republic of Slovenia. In human resource management and development, education and business consulting we have successfully cooperated with numerous small, medium and large enterprises, various public institutions, non-governmental organizations as well as ministries in Slovenia.

The CENTERKONTURA Company bases its comparative advantage not only on its team of highly skilled professionals, but more importantly on our customer-centered approach. By efficiently merging our interdisciplinary pool of knowledge with longstanding experience of our experts we are in the position to provide comprehensive solutions in human resource development and management.

The company’s activities are performed at two different locations in Ljubljana and in Kranj.


Parmova 41
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: 01 436 34 07, 01 436 31 49
Faks: 01 436 36 30
GSM: 041 395 825

Masarykova 23
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: 01 430 26 40, 01 430 26 50
Faks: 01 431 82 57
GSM: 031 531 477

Jelenčeva 15
4000 Kranj
Tel.: 04 235 20 25
Faks: 04 235 20 24
GSM: 051 444 198


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